Public Relations

We bring experience, attention to detail and unwavering service to build, maintain and protect our client’s favorable image with the public and media.


We actively work with clients to position their product, technology or service into their customer’s decision-making process by emphasizing value, efficacy and durability.


We maximize the return on a client’s advertising investment with smart audio and visual placements across multiple platforms including: digital, billboards, print, TV, podcast, and prime event-activation.

Business Development

We actively work with clients to expand and develop their business. From growth strategies and strategic partnerships to market research and B2B deals, our diverse and proven expertise works for clients each step of the way. We help startups get bigger, small business get larger, and sizable organizations maximize their market share.

Technology Development & Consulting

We help clients identify off-the-shelf and custom-built technology, from sites and apps to payments and scheduling portals, and seamlessly integrate them in order to make business more efficient and effective.

Crisis Management

We bring decades of high-level crisis management experience to crisis communications, reputation management, social media crisis management & media training. From the battlefields of Iraq and metropolitan courtrooms to corporate headquarters and team facilities, Centurion is both proven and trusted.

Honor. Integrity. Service.

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